Clearing trapped emotions using the Emotion Code

Clearing trapped emotions can have a tremendous effect both emotionally and physically. The creator of the technique, Dr Bradley Nelson, developed the Emotion Code by incorporating both muscle testing and magnet healing, thereby guaranteeing that a suspension of disbelief would be necessary for all but the most credulous of people. But since it can’t do any harm, and you have my word — the word of someone of sound, scientific mind who is nevertheless willing to try nearly everything but powders — that it works, why not give it a try?

It is especially helpful if you:

  • Have recurring, powerful emotions out of proportion for the situations that arouse them.
  • Feel like your heart is closed or that you can’t feel or love as much as you would like.
  • You have issues with illness, particularly of the chest cavity — asthma, lung cancer, heart issues.

Trapped emotions can be released for any issue, assuming you get an indication from the subconscious mind that the trapped emotion is impacting or causing the issue. In addition, according to Dr. Nelson, many people have heart walls made of trapped emotions. If you have one, releasing the heart wall can have a profoundly positive and lasting impact on your life. Also, more open hearts make for a much better world, so if this works speaks to you, get in there!

Check out Dr. Nelson’s book on Amazon here. It gives you all the instructions you need to get started or you can work with me to release trapped emotions.

Are you pulling against the locomotive that is your subconscious? I help self-aware professionals get off the white-knuckling, try-harder track and make fast and lasting gains in their work and lives. 

To schedule an appointment, call/text 928-308-7650 or just fill in this handy form:



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