Why we celebrate

In PSYCH-K, after every change we make we celebrate. While different facilitators encourage their clients to celebrate in different ways, most simply ask the question, “How would you like to celebrate?” And so, after making changes regarding health, self-love, confidence, financial goals, and relationships, among many other things (you can, after all, use the container that is PSYCH-K for anything) our clients hug us or themselves, whoop for joy, sing for love, dance around the room. Some of them even do victory shots of tequila (in my work, this has happened two different clients. My clients are awesome!). Never ones to miss a party, we facilitators join in, and no matter how heavy the work, we have these moments of silly exuberance, interludes of gratitude for all of it. It’s impossible to do this work and not feel joy. Lots of it.

For my part, I like to let my subconscious mind — that inner 5-year-old — decide as a way of thanking her for showing up and helping make the changes. The celebrations, hence, are wildly variable, coming as they do from whatever it is she wants in that instant (and there is only this instant for the ever-in-the-present subconscious). I’ve danced to Taylor Swift music, massaged myself, breathed deeply, happy danced, and downward dogged to thank her. These are always things my adult self knows are good, but that I still often manage to put off. God knows yoga classes and me aren’t the most compatible pairing, but subconscious mind loves the downward dog.

What if we didn’t limit celebrations only to PSYCH-K balances? We could celebrate when we showed more patience in traffic than we ever thought we could and when we have stuck to our exercise routine for a solid week: “Thanks for all that awesome discipline, subconscious mind!” We could celebrate on the page by thanking the Great Whatever for everything in our lives, everyday of our lives.

And what if we cracked open the occasional bottle of champagne for reaching milestones, even the teeny ones? Why wait for the big victories to celebrate? Life, after all, is enough of a miracle to warrant lots and lots of celebration nearly all the time. Joy is what we get when we celebrate and joy, in my opinion, is the prime currency of the Great Unknown. Give celebrating all the things, little or big, a try for a day even and let me know how it goes. Then we can get busy celebrating celebrating!

Are you pulling against the locomotive that is your subconscious? I help self-aware professionals get off the white-knuckling, try-harder track and make fast and lasting gains in their work and lives. 

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