Stay whole-brained for the mental health of it. Here’s how!

Last winter, while meeting a fellow PSYCH-K facilitator for coffee, she remarked that she had used PSYCH-K to maintain a whole-brained state throughout a medical crisis that had put her in the hospital. For me, this was a whole new level of PSYCH-K.

I knew that PSYCH-K is excellent for programming insight, optimizing performance and transforming trauma, stress, and even medical conditions, but the idea of using it to stay continuously whole-brained was novel.

But it made sense, too. When it comes to difficult events, we often retreat into one hemisphere or the other. If we go left, we no longer can bring to bear the holistic sensitivity of the right hemisphere to the issue. Conversely, if we go right, we no longer have the Spock-like linear problem-solving gifts of the left. So it made sense that getting both hemispheres working on the situation at hand, particularly when it’s charged, would be a life enhancer. And so, forthwith, I put it to work in my life (there are some seriously awesome benefits to being a facilitator). The results have been quite lovely.

If I’m having a hard day, or an emotional storm, or a difficult time coping with an interaction or even a distant memory, I check with my super-conscious mind to see if I have permission to do a balance. If the wisest part of me says it’s a good idea, I balance while thinking of the difficult thing and voila! it transforms.

Facilitators around the world have reported wonderful results with this type of balance. It’s especially useful for addressing getting rid of the fear of flying and other phobias in one sitting. I like to think of it as a little bit like eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) and in fact have designed a yummy version of this balance that involves eye movement and works on the go.

Getting whole-brained to a person, trauma, memory, or situation doesn’t (always) remove the pain. But even if the sting is still there, its intensity is reduced and a sense of peace surrounds it.

Because I’m not a certified instructor (yet), I can’t teach you the awesome PSYCH-K way of getting whole-brained to a situation (though I can work with you directly if you’d like). What I can do, though, is direct you to another article where I wrote about ways to get into a whole-brained state, such as dancing, being musical, walking and yoga. As you read through the list, you might actually recognize some of what I suggest as ways you already instinctively use in your life to cope during difficult times. The characters Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang famously had a habit of dancing it out at the end of a hard day’s work as surgical interns on the series Grey’s Anatomy. Birthing mothers provide another example. Childbirth whisperer Penny Simkin writes that many birthing mothers will seize upon an object, motion, or sound to help get themselves through the pain of contractions. She characterizes this tendency as a healthy response that typically contains the three elements rhythm, ritual, and repetition.

If you want to use any of these techniques to get whole-brained to a specific event or issue, just focus on it whilst doing one of the whole-brained activities I listed and see if something changes. If you do try this technique, let me know how it works for you. Life is better when you’re whole-brained!

Are you pulling against the locomotive that is your subconscious? I help self-aware professionals get off the white-knuckling, try-harder track and make fast and lasting gains in their work and lives. 

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