A hiatus and a PSYCH-K (re)birth.

Last May, I embarked on a new creative endeavor: growing a baby. During that time, I was also working full time from home for Amazon, my other career. Ergo, no posts or newsletters from Erica. Now, halfway through my second trimester with el kiddo, and again working for Amazon, I find myself returning to a place where I can write about PSYCH-K.

For a little while, I thought about shutting down my practice and focusing on the whole baby/family/career thing. But after a depressing week of sitting with this idea, I realized that I need to evangelize PSYCH-K and offer it to those who would like to experience it.


Put simply, to give back and to let my soul sing. There would be no satisfying relationship, no career as a writer at Amazon, and certainly no baby without PSYCH-K. The practice has given me the tools to instantly and precisely alter and improve the software of my mind, in collaboration with my spirit, in order to change the printout of my life.

I get that there are lots of people out there who aren’t interested in PSYCH-K change processes (and it’s not like you can explain it; remember that Jim Gaffigan joke about how even the pope shrinks back if someone tries to talk about Jesus? “I’m not on the clock right now, man, so knock it off,” the pope tells Gaffigan). But that said, I will always make myself as available as possible for the folks in this world who want to make their lives better through this amazing, entertaining modality.

With all that said, if you are one of my clients and have been interested in learning PSYCH-K, there is a workshop in Sedona this weekend. There might be a workshop in Sedona next year.

If you don’t feel the need to learn PSYCH-K, but want to experience it, reach out and book an appointment with me (contact form below) and we’ll meet at my shiny new office at The Grove, an office building in downtown Prescott. It’s big and welcoming and I love practicing PSYCH-K in there!



P.S. My favorite question to ask these days is “What’s the best that could happen?” The second best, borrowed from my friend Tracy Cooke, is “What would you rather have instead?” If you can answer that second question, you can PSYCH-K like a champ!

The Grove in Prescott, AZ

Image courtesy of Google Maps (thank you, google!)

Are you pulling against the locomotive that is your subconscious? I help self-aware professionals get off the white-knuckling, try-harder track and make fast and lasting gains in their work and lives. 

To schedule an appointment, call/text 928-308-7650, email erica.ryberg@gmail.com or just fill in this handy form:

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