Today, I used PSYCH-K to find my voice

I had a remarkable experience today; after weeks of suffering through a personal business relationship where everything seemed to be a fire drill, I did a stress/trauma release and changed everything.

It started last night when I was out on my evening trot/waddle, and it occurred to me that I could transform my experience if I wanted to. Why I don’t always remember to use PSYCH-K at the outset is a mystery. Or maybe a balance opportunity. But in any case, just having that realization — that I didn’t need to be in arch-distress if I didn’t want to be — relaxed me. And this morning, I did a quick stress trauma using an advanced technique I call the covert ops balance, which basically involves moving my eyes and tongue around in opposition until I feel a release (yes, you CAN try this at home; no it’s not PSYCH-K unless you get permission and commitment and celebrate afterwards J). The release came almost instantly – a big heaving sigh as the tension left my body. The balance itself took all of a minute. Huge returns on a teeny investment!

The release of a charge comes standard in this type of PSYCH-K balance. What was remarkable, however, was how I interacted with the humans I was doing business with after I did the balance. I actually told them how I felt. Novel concept! Up until this time, I’d been gritting and bearing it under the assumption that saying something wouldn’t solve anything. In my newly acquired whole-brained state, however, it was the most natural thing in the world to express my disappointment with the processes that were, you know, kind of disappointing. Thereafter, too, I was able to listen in a really open-hearted way when one of my collaborators explained the root cause of the issue that had been causing so much injury. And lo! it occurred to me that the root cause was something that I’ve been guilty of myself and that on its flip side, it’s actually a really good go-get-‘em kind of thing.

I love that PSYCH-K brings peace. And too, I love that at times, it brings the ability to take needed action to transform a relationship.

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