Got crux? Using PSYCH-K when things get difficult.

A few weeks after my son, Ellis, was born, I had an a-ha! moment. A friend and colleague had reached out to me for a PSYCH-K session after hitting a block in her professional life, something she couldn’t think or muscle her way out of. It suddenly struck me that even I don’t tend to use PSYCH-K tools unless I’ve hit some sort of painful crux, where I’m either white knuckling my way through something or desperate for change. Fortunately for me, that means I don’t use it every day. But when I need it, boy howdy.
My most recent flurry of PSYCH-K work, for example, centered on being a better step-mother to Lily, Ellis’s half-sister. She’s a delightful little human, quick-witted, cheerful, playful, and loving. Needless to say, she deserves the best I can give her. Being post-partum, however, was bringing some of my more interesting character flaws to the fore. It was agonizing; being good to my family is at the top of my list of values and in the state I was in, I wasn’t able to live according to that value. Before I found PSYCH-K, getting back to where I wasn’t a snappish, critical mess with Lily would have taken months or even years of white-knuckling and back-sliding. After a few PSYCH-K balances along the lines of “I love and accept Lily exactly how she is,” I saw immediate, effortless improvement with how I related to her, and more importantly, I was able to resume genuinely enjoying our relationship again in a way that Lily very much picked up on. This miracle of getting rid of the barriers between me and my love for Lily is the thing I’m most intensely grateful for right now. It’s a big, big deal for me.
I’ve worked with clients seeking change in nearly every area of life: health, relationships, money, and career. What they all have in common is that they’ve hit a block in making that change on their own and as a result, their lives are not where they want them to be. The good news is, most of the time, they see bedrock improvements after just one session and don’t come back until they hit the next “thing” they need to address. It’s a wonderful tool that allows us to take our values and insights and upload them into action instantly, so we can get on with our wild, wonderful lives. I wouldn’t be without it for a second and I’m grateful that I’m able to offer it to others.

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Today, I used PSYCH-K to find my voice

I had a remarkable experience today; after weeks of suffering through a personal business relationship where everything seemed to be a fire drill, I did a stress/trauma release and changed everything.

It started last night when I was out on my evening trot/waddle, and it occurred to me that I could transform my experience if I wanted to. Why I don’t always remember to use PSYCH-K at the outset is a mystery. Or maybe a balance opportunity. But in any case, just having that realization — that I didn’t need to be in arch-distress if I didn’t want to be — relaxed me. And this morning, I did a quick stress trauma using an advanced technique I call the covert ops balance, which basically involves moving my eyes and tongue around in opposition until I feel a release (yes, you CAN try this at home; no it’s not PSYCH-K unless you get permission and commitment and celebrate afterwards J). The release came almost instantly – a big heaving sigh as the tension left my body. The balance itself took all of a minute. Huge returns on a teeny investment!

The release of a charge comes standard in this type of PSYCH-K balance. What was remarkable, however, was how I interacted with the humans I was doing business with after I did the balance. I actually told them how I felt. Novel concept! Up until this time, I’d been gritting and bearing it under the assumption that saying something wouldn’t solve anything. In my newly acquired whole-brained state, however, it was the most natural thing in the world to express my disappointment with the processes that were, you know, kind of disappointing. Thereafter, too, I was able to listen in a really open-hearted way when one of my collaborators explained the root cause of the issue that had been causing so much injury. And lo! it occurred to me that the root cause was something that I’ve been guilty of myself and that on its flip side, it’s actually a really good go-get-‘em kind of thing.

I love that PSYCH-K brings peace. And too, I love that at times, it brings the ability to take needed action to transform a relationship.

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Stay whole-brained for the mental health of it. Here’s how!

Last winter, while meeting a fellow PSYCH-K facilitator for coffee, she remarked that she had used PSYCH-K to maintain a whole-brained state throughout a medical crisis that had put her in the hospital. For me, this was a whole new level of PSYCH-K.

I knew that PSYCH-K is excellent for programming insight, optimizing performance and transforming trauma, stress, and even medical conditions, but the idea of using it to stay continuously whole-brained was novel.

But it made sense, too. When it comes to difficult events, we often retreat into one hemisphere or the other. If we go left, we no longer can bring to bear the holistic sensitivity of the right hemisphere to the issue. Conversely, if we go right, we no longer have the Spock-like linear problem-solving gifts of the left. So it made sense that getting both hemispheres working on the situation at hand, particularly when it’s charged, would be a life enhancer. And so, forthwith, I put it to work in my life (there are some seriously awesome benefits to being a facilitator). The results have been quite lovely.

If I’m having a hard day, or an emotional storm, or a difficult time coping with an interaction or even a distant memory, I check with my super-conscious mind to see if I have permission to do a balance. If the wisest part of me says it’s a good idea, I balance while thinking of the difficult thing and voila! it transforms.

Facilitators around the world have reported wonderful results with this type of balance. It’s especially useful for addressing getting rid of the fear of flying and other phobias in one sitting. I like to think of it as a little bit like eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) and in fact have designed a yummy version of this balance that involves eye movement and works on the go.

Getting whole-brained to a person, trauma, memory, or situation doesn’t (always) remove the pain. But even if the sting is still there, its intensity is reduced and a sense of peace surrounds it.

Because I’m not a certified instructor (yet), I can’t teach you the awesome PSYCH-K way of getting whole-brained to a situation (though I can work with you directly if you’d like). What I can do, though, is direct you to another article where I wrote about ways to get into a whole-brained state, such as dancing, being musical, walking and yoga. As you read through the list, you might actually recognize some of what I suggest as ways you already instinctively use in your life to cope during difficult times. The characters Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang famously had a habit of dancing it out at the end of a hard day’s work as surgical interns on the series Grey’s Anatomy. Birthing mothers provide another example. Childbirth whisperer Penny Simkin writes that many birthing mothers will seize upon an object, motion, or sound to help get themselves through the pain of contractions. She characterizes this tendency as a healthy response that typically contains the three elements rhythm, ritual, and repetition.

If you want to use any of these techniques to get whole-brained to a specific event or issue, just focus on it whilst doing one of the whole-brained activities I listed and see if something changes. If you do try this technique, let me know how it works for you. Life is better when you’re whole-brained!

Are you pulling against the locomotive that is your subconscious? I help self-aware professionals get off the white-knuckling, try-harder track and make fast and lasting gains in their work and lives. 

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Belief, Change, Action! 3 ways to wear in subconscious changes

When we make changes using PSYCH-K, we’ve blazed a trail in the subconscious mind where none previously existed. By making and following an action plan, we can wear that trail into a well-traveled road.

The actions in an action plan typically take one of the three following forms: Continue reading

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3 tips for leaving dread in the dust and building the life you want

Yesterday, I was feeling goofy. Like hard-on-myself goofy. My results weren’t matching up to my self-expectations, and that’s always difficult. “Maybe I should do some PSYCH-K,” I thought to myself.


We gotta know what we want, and that’s not always easy

To do PSYCH-K we have to know what we want. That’s the entrance on the ground floor of the practice. What did I want? Well, at the start, I only knew what I didn’t want: I didn’t want to feel yucky anymore. Simple enough, but hard to balance for. To balance, I needed to figure out was what I really wanted and this is almost always the most challenging part. It’s easy to know the hurts and difficulties we want to shed, but figuring out what we do want is almost never a default setting. For one thing, it requires us to choose, to choose the lives we want, to choose the experiences we want to have, to commit to a path, and then to trust our instincts enough to live it. Continue reading

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Let teeny victories carry you to success. Here’s how.

A little while ago, I started getting obsessed with all the ways I wasn’t meeting my own bar. When I mentioned this to a friend, he suggested I start focusing on the ways I was doing well rather than torturing myself with the ways I was failing. I thought that was a grand idea and set about designing a practice to get it done. Continue reading

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Flash therapy: Now with tequila!

Here’s a success story about one of the fastest balances I’ve facilitated: I was chatting with a friend of mine who was going going through an amicable divorce, and she said she was anxious about whether she’d be OK on her own. Using PSYCH-K, we tested “I am safe alone” and got a weak response, indicating her subconscious mind did not possess that belief. Continue reading

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5 steps for using PSYCH-K to support your New Year’s resolutions  

Anyone who has ever been on a diet or started a workout regimen knows that getting into the groove can be an uphill battle, one that’s often fraught with self-sabotage. Bringing hacks like mini-habits to bear on these efforts can smooth the way and increase your chances for success, as can the judicious application of my favorite set of mind hacks, PSYCH-K. Continue reading

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Why we celebrate

In PSYCH-K, after every change we make we celebrate. While different facilitators encourage their clients to celebrate in different ways, most simply ask the question, “How would you like to celebrate?” And so, after making changes regarding health, self-love, confidence, financial goals, and relationships, among many other things (you can, after all, use the container that is PSYCH-K for anything) our clients hug us or themselves, whoop for joy, sing for love, dance around the room. Continue reading

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Giving thanks for absolutely all of it: A short daily practice

When I came back to Prescott again after a five-year sojourn, the first thing I did was purchase an orange spiral bound notebook in order to commence a two-part writing practice. Continue reading

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Have a big goal? Make it go by telling the story of how you got there!

Last week, I went to La Bellavia up in Flagstaff for French toast and eggs with hollandaise. What a blast from the past – it used to be my favorite breakfast place when I was attending university here and the food was as delicious as I remembered.

While I was there, I decided to do an exercise I came up with some months ago, namely writing the story of how I achieved an important goal as though it has already come to pass.

This exercise allows you to capture action items and helpful beliefs to plan and program into your present. The really cool thing about this exercise is that every time I’ve done this exercise, it has really worked, with specific things coming to pass exactly as I dreamed them. Also, it’s just a heck of a lot of fun to just cut loose and dream on paper.

Continue reading

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Clearing trapped emotions using the Emotion Code

Clearing trapped emotions can have a tremendous effect both emotionally and physically. The creator of the technique, Dr Bradley Nelson, developed the Emotion Code by incorporating both muscle testing and magnet healing, thereby guaranteeing that a suspension of disbelief would be necessary for all but the most credulous of people. But since it can’t do any harm, and you have my word — the word of someone of sound, scientific mind who is nevertheless willing to try nearly everything but powders — that it works, why not give it a try? Continue reading

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Wanna feel a whole lot better? Get whole brained!

Today, I attended a meeting of lady entrepreneurs in Prescott. Our businesses spanned a lot of disciplines, but a surprising number of us help people move into a place of being whole brained as part of our work (a good deal of what I do centers on helping people move into a whole-brained state in order to change their beliefs and set goals). Because it is so effective, this idea crops up in a lot of modalities. Continue reading

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Helpful habits to consider adopting

Yes, I’m giving you another Business Insider article: Habits That Help You In 5 Years. I can’t help but love this site for its engaging, life-hacking, head-scratching content, even if they did publish a recent, erroneous report that the Turing test had been passed.

In any case, take a look at this list and consider picking one or two things to go for today. So far, the one that intrigues me the most is the writing the key points about your day, but then again, I am a story coach. Writing, I believe, makes us strong. Continue reading

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Financial buckets for every budget

Business Insider, one of my happiest guilty pleasures, expounds on the 50-20-30 rule in its article, Figure Out How Much Of Your Income To Save. I tend to agree with the 20 percent for savings and debt servicing most especially. That said, even if all you do is pay yourself first even 5 percent of your income, you’re going to come out ahead in the long run.

Are you pulling against the locomotive that is your subconscious? I help self-aware professionals get off the white-knuckling, try-harder track and make fast and lasting gains in their work and lives. 

To schedule an appointment, call/text 928-308-7650 or just fill in this handy form:


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A little bit on why writing is the casual-est of miracles.

We know anecdotally that writing down goals has a tremendous impact on our ability to achieve them. Brain science, meanwhile, is in the process of catching up. A recent New York Times article, This Is Your Brain on Writing, discusses the ability of writing by hand to activate whole swaths of the brain. Continue reading

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Book Review: Mini Habits

Today I did five push ups — four more than I planned. I ran 17 minutes –16:30 more than I had initially intended. And now, as I type this, I am marching my way toward a goal of 50 words for the day.These aren’t feats of valor in themselves, though the genius of these three micro-goals are the whisper-soft starts they offer. When all you have to do is drop and do one pushup, the horror of not completing your trifling goal for the day is far greater than doing what’s required to meet it.
The techniques — and the even goals I chose for myself — come from Mini Habits, yet another book in the sprawling self-help weedpatch. What sets Mini Habits apart, however, is that its author, Stephen Guise, wastes no time laying out a credible and actionable path to transforming sloth to industry without the extra baggage and pseudoscience of other works in the genre. Continue reading

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Look, set, and go! A primer for the subconscious mind in 500 words.

When I mountain bike, I pick the line in front of me and then I look away, up the trail, to the next bit I’ll be covering. This is the trick all (still-living) mountain bikers use. By looking at the line, you give marching instructions to your subconscious mind — that precocious five-year-old that drives the motor processes of your body with astonishing precision. By tearing your eyes away and further up the trail, you get out of its way so it can do its job without interference. Continue reading

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Why Casual Miracles?

When my mom died, I noticed small miracles all around – a rose that refused to die for a month — even when left for a week without water — a quote on her Google homepage about a woman who rose from the dead, a vision of an eagle wings spreading across the sky followed by the priest’s suggestion that we play “On Eagle’s Wings” at her funeral (and a few years later, that’s exactly what played at her sister’s funeral).
All of this happened though I wasn’t looking for comfort, and yet it had the overall effect of assuring me that, yes, Erica, there is more to this life than we can see and your mom is fine. Later, I began referring to all that took place as casual miracles.
And recently, reading Stephen King’s Desperation. I noticed that he referred to the same phenomena as “unobtrusive miracles”. So it’s a thing, the same as breathing is a thing.
I choose to practice PSYCH-K because in my experience, it is a substrate where goofy miracles happen with surprising frequency and ease. My passion ignites around these miracles — these events that take place on the leading edges of birth, death, and transformation. I like to live and work in these places and through this blog, I invite you to join me. The air is cool and the price, after all, is right.



Are you pulling against the locomotive that is your subconscious? I help self-aware professionals get off the white-knuckling, try-harder track and make fast and lasting gains in their work and lives. 

To schedule an appointment, call/text 928-308-7650 or just fill in this handy form:

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