Case studies

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A little compassion goes a long way!

A while ago, I was taking a class with an instructor whose, ahem, anti-feminist sense of humor was too much even for me (and that’s saying something). At the same time, I decided to balance to increase my compassion (PSYCH-K to support core values — there’s a thought!). Much to my surprise, the next time I went to class, instead of feeling tortured for an hour and a half, I found myself strongly enjoying the lectures and taking the iffy humor with a grain of salt!

Stella learns how to be a happy cat.

Stella came home a starving stray kitten and as a result grew into a skittish cat who wasn’t very comfortable receiving affection from people. We used a PSYCH-K energy technique to improve her ability to bond (which is what her system asked for, believe it or not) and thereafter, Stella was a snuggling machine. Another victory for PSYCH-K!


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