What the heck is PSYCH-K, anyway?

Our subconscious mind is that thing that ties your shoes, eats your ramen while you watch Modern Family, and runs the programs you picked up from your childhood, both good and bad. PSYCH-K is a means to clean out the subconscious to rapidly transform the phobias, anxieties, stresses, and resentments we pick up in our lives into peace, ease, and acceptance.  It’s also a way to replace underlying limiting beliefs with self-enhancing ones beliefs. It’s like using affirmations, but instead of saying them hundreds or thousands of times in the hopes that the subconscious mind will take notice, we perform balances that rewrite the belief in the subconscious mind within minutes.

In short, PSYCH-K removes the barrier between awareness and action. Rather than spend years in therapy or $1000s in coaching sessions trying to figure out how to change obsessive thoughts or unhelpful behaviors, we can often change them for good in one afternoon.

“I’ve been drinking water at night in place of sweet stuff and I don’t even think about it. It’s quite miraculous! I’m still amazed at the level of effectiveness. Its like it was cemented in to my brain. I love it!” – Lorinda

What is absolutely remarkable is that because the subconscious mind exists only in the present, once you rewrite its program, you forget life was ever any other way. It is truly a gift — a casual miracle, even!

But why is there so much power in what the subconscious mind believes?

The conscious mind, while interesting at dinner parties, doesn’t multitask all that well. We instead rely on the subconscious mind to perform the multitude of necessary processes like breathing, healing, and circulation along with all the subroutines that make up our everyday life. Remember the last time you had to give conscious thought to driving a car, tying a shoelace, or shaving? Me neither. Once you repeat a process a few times, your subconscious mind, that part of ourselves able to perform tasks automatically and with a minimum of mental effort, takes over. This happens with around 90 percent of the behaviors, thoughts, and beliefs we have.

But while the subconscious mind can handle innumerable processes at once as opposed to the handful our conscious minds can grasp, what it lacks is the ability to know which of its subroutines are helpful or not. For example, if you come home every day and eat a bowl of chocolate ice cream, the subconscious mind will cheerfully take over and make sure you eat your ice cream at the same time every single day. Likewise, if you received a message from your family of origin that you were not lovable, eventually your subconscious mind will take up that message as a belief and help you into lots and lots of situations where you experience yourself as not lovable. Very reliable, but not terribly helpful.

Using PSYCH-K, we leverage the positive power of the subconscious mind to program self-enhancing beliefs like, “I am lovable,” “I am worthy of the best that love and life have to offer,” and “It is fun and easy for me to earn $75,000 per year.” The possibilities are endless!

What is involved in a PSYCH-K balance?

Whenever we practice, we use muscle testing to determine whether or not the subconscious mind believes a given self-enhancing belief. If it does not, we get permission from the super-conscious mind to proceed and commitment from the subconscious mind to make the change.

We make the changes using various physical postures and activities and occasionally more advanced techniques when the change calls for it. The same posture or activity will often produce a profoundly different experience from person to person and from balance to balance. When I first started working with my mentor, Tracy Cooke, I joked that PSYCH-K seemed like what happens when NLP meets shamanism and Brain Gym and then they all go to the circus. It’s a ton of fun. Most every facilitator I’ve ever met is light-hearted and joyful, maybe because you can’t practice PSYCH-K and take yourself too seriously. The liberal dollops of joy that come from making positive changes might have something to do with it, too.

To hear PSYCH-K creator Rob Williams describe PSYCH-K balances, check out the video below:

So what happens in a typical session?

We talk about the changes you’re looking to make and then we muscle test to determine what changes will be helpful. The first part can sometimes be the most challenging; we often know what we don’t want — it’s a little harder to identify what we want. Only knowing what we don’t want is a little like going to a restaurant and telling the waiter that you don’t want the sirloin. Doesn’t work so well.

Saying yes to what you do want, on the other hand, is often a profound experience. It often requires courage and commitment to stand up and say, “Yes, this is what I want to earn in a year,” or “This is the type of relationship I’d like to have,” or “I choose to believe that the universe is a benign and nurturing place.”

So you’re, what, like a coach?

Not in a strict sense. I love helping people, though, and because of my corporate and small-business background, I often use coaching tools like accountability, goal-setting, and follow-up in addition to PSYCH-K.

What the typical coach lacks, however, are tools to immediately change limiting beliefs and behaviors. Often, my collaboration with clients is sporadic, simply because in working with me, they solve their problems and go on with their lives until the next fun growth opportunity shows up.

This all sounds a little bit woo-woo, Erica. You know that, right?

I know! But when it comes down to it, most everything about our existence is a little bit woo woo. Love? Woo woo. Trillions of animal and bacterial cells coming together to form a human?  Woo woo with extra woo woo sprinkles on top. What I’m saying is that I’m all about science and inquiry and what I’ve learned is that, for me at least, PSYCH-K really works and it really works in a big, wonderful and inspiring way.

But seriously, Erica, muscle testing, really?
Yes, really and for truly. The subconscious doesn’t just belly up to the tea table to spill its guts about why we can’t seem to hold a relationship together, or earn more than low 5-figures despite having two masters degrees. It requires an interface, and muscle testing with its ‘strong’ to true/yum/yes responses and ‘weak’ to false/yuk/no responses works incredibly well for measuring subconscious congruence with beliefs the conscious mind would just as soon installed and running on all levels.

One thing that’s worth noting is that in PSYCH-K, we only muscle test within narrowly proscribed circumstances. We would never use it to attempt to diagnose a disease or to make a major life decision, for example. The first is common sense, and the second should be between you, your higher power and the human committees (friends and family) you’ve formed for yourself.

My point is we don’t outsource our power to the answers that muscle testing provides, but rather we use muscle testing in order to efficiently collaborate with the different levels of our minds to make big, fun, helpful, and long-lasting changes.

I found out about PSYCH-K from one of Bruce Liptons’s books. How did Rob Williams and Bruce Lipton end up working together?

Bruce and Rob were presenting at the same conference: Bruce on the ability for our beliefs to influence how we express our genes, and Rob on PSYCH-K. At the end of Bruce’s presentation, someone asked, “How do you actually change those beliefs?” This was a question Bruce hadn’t been able to answer until he saw Rob and PSYCH-K in action.

Here them tell the story here:

Why should I take a chance on working with you?

Well, at the very least, it’s an opportunity to earn a little money with my Try-it-Out with No Risk Guarantee: If for any reason at all, you are not satisfied with our work together, I will refund the cost of our first session plus 10%.

Wow! Sounds awesome! How do we get started?

Just reach out to me via email or phone (see below) and we’ll set up an appointment. If you live in Arizona, we can meet in person, or if you live elsewhere, we can work via Skype or phone according to your preference.


928-308-7650 (voice and text)

Are you pulling against the locomotive that is your subconscious? I help self-aware professionals get off the white-knuckling, try-harder track and make fast and lasting gains in their work and lives. 

To schedule an appointment, call/text 928-308-7650 or just fill in this handy form:



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