Professional and Personal Development Services

Casual Miracles coaching accelerates your growth, healing and attainment via subconscious change processes supported by action plans. All services begin and end with you: the experiences and changes you want in your life.

As a self-aware, growth-oriented human, you are very good at being a changing, evolving, learning unit, and as an empathetic and capable interviewer, I’m very good at asking the questions that help clarify the changes you want to make. Most frequently, we chart a path together, program enhancing beliefs and goals, and when necessary, find and remove the roadblocks between you and your dreams. Together, we work to design and then program your best life.

My specialty is professional and entrepreneurial development including:

  • Eliminating roadblocks to success
  • Writing goals and creating career plans
  • Maximizing the job search, including work with resumes, cover letters, and mock interviews
  • The pursuit of customer service excellence

We can also focus on any of the following:

  • Financial
  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Spiritual
  • Health/Fitness
  • Anything else you’d like to work on


I conduct sessions in my office and via Skype and telephone. I may also be able to come to you if that’s helpful. Sessions typically last about 1.5 hours, though the length is flexible according to the goals and beliefs you want to balance.


My rate is $60/hour.


If you want an experience that is more structured than a typical client-driven session, feel free to select one of the packages below.

The Small-Is-Powerful Sampler

This package is good if you just need to make a quick change, especially related to a goal, or if you just want to experience PSYCH-K. It consists of:

  • A phone call where we use visual, auditory, and kinesthetic cues to clarify a goal with your subconscious mind. Often just offering those cues are enough to lock in a goal. To be sure, though, we’ll confirm and balance if necessary. Cost: Free with newsletter sign up.

The Coach-Me Already! Hero Package

“Goals convert vision into energy. When you lay out exactly what you want to do in detail, you immediately start feeling the room move and the earth shake. You are pulled into your new life like some scene from a movie.” — Dave Ramsey, EntreLeadership

  • What’s your 5-year vision for yourself? If you don’t know now, you certainly will after our first coaching visit!
  • From that vision, we’ll generate goals, balancing to ensure that not only do you know the way forward; your subconscious mind also knows the path you plan to take and agrees wholeheartedly.
  • For each goal that you choose to work with in more depth, we’ll create one-page action plans that you can follow in an easy and relaxed manner, allowing you to grow in a healthy and positive way to the life of your dreams.
  • Plan on meeting 1-3 times a week at first to lay the ground work. After that, we can work out a schedule that is ideal for you, including check-in phone calls as needed.

Cost: My hourly rate.

The Financial Reboot

The financial reboot is completely tailored to you and your needs. Whether you currently earn $10 or $10,000, the best part of the reboot is the peace you feel when you know you’re on track financially. Generally, we analyze your present financial condition and then build a vision of where you would like to be. This can be fun — often we find money you didn’t know you had. Once we have a vision, we support it by:

  • Identifying your financial goals and the dreams they represent.
  • Creating financial mechanisms that work for you (things like setting up automatic transfers and banking apps).
  • Eliminating unhelpful subconscious beliefs about money and ensure your entire system is on board. Both of these can be key to helping you avoid falling back into old, unhelpful patterns.

What this package won’t do: Replace a financial planner or provide investment advice. I’m happy to provide referrals as you need them.

Cost: My hourly rate. Plan to spend about three hours over 1 to 2 sessions to complete this package.


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