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Today, I used PSYCH-K to find my voice

The release of a charge comes standard in this type of PSYCH-K balance. What was remarkable, however, was how I interacted with the humans I was doing business with after I did the balance. I actually told them how I felt. Novel concept! Up until this time, I’d been gritting and bearing it under the assumption that saying something wouldn’t solve anything. In my newly acquired whole-brained state, however, it was the most natural thing in the world to express my disappointment with the processes that were, you know, kind of disappointing. Continue reading

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Wanna feel a whole lot better? Get whole brained!

Today, I attended a meeting of lady entrepreneurs in Prescott. Our businesses spanned a lot of disciplines, but a surprising number of us help people move into a place of being whole brained as part of our work (a good … Continue reading

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