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3 tips for leaving dread in the dust and building the life you want

Yesterday, I was feeling goofy. Like hard-on-myself goofy. My results weren’t matching up to my self-expectations, and that’s always difficult. “Maybe I should do some PSYCH-K,” I thought to myself. Hmmm… We gotta know what we want, and that’s not … Continue reading

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Let teeny victories carry you to success. Here’s how.

A little while ago, I started getting obsessed with all the ways I wasn’t meeting my own bar. When I mentioned this to a friend, he suggested I start focusing on the ways I was doing well rather than torturing … Continue reading

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Giving thanks for absolutely all of it: A short daily practice

When I came back to Prescott again after a five-year sojourn, the first thing I did was purchase an orange spiral bound notebook in order to commence a two-part writing practice.

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Have a big goal? Make it go by telling the story of how you got there!

Last week, I went to La Bellavia up in Flagstaff for French toast and eggs with hollandaise. What a blast from the past – it used to be my favorite breakfast place when I was attending university here and the … Continue reading

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Wanna feel a whole lot better? Get whole brained!

Today, I attended a meeting of lady entrepreneurs in Prescott. Our businesses spanned a lot of disciplines, but a surprising number of us help people move into a place of being whole brained as part of our work (a good … Continue reading

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Helpful habits to consider adopting

Yes, I’m giving you another Business Insider article: Habits That Help You In 5 Years. I can’t help but love this site for its engaging, life-hacking, head-scratching content, even if they did publish a recent, erroneous report that the Turing test had … Continue reading

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A little bit on why writing is the casual-est of miracles.

We know anecdotally that writing down goals has a tremendous impact on our ability to achieve them. Brain science, meanwhile, is in the process of catching up. A recent New York Times article, This Is Your Brain on Writing, discusses the … Continue reading

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